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The 10 Best Running Tracks....EVER.

For those who choose to run with music it can be like the running buddy we haven't got. It can lift us up and spur us on, it can reward us after a punishing hill or sprint segment, we can slow down our pace to match the tempo or speed it up as the rhythm increases. For many it helps us achieve our fitness goals. At UK Sporting Goods we've chosen what we consider to be the top ten running tracks of all time: songs to get you into the right mindset, control your pace, songs to add in when you know you're on the home straight, and songs to lift you up to the next level ready to crush it.

All you need to do is download, lace up and plug in. 

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Training Montage - Vince Dicola - 3:37

Rocky IV (soundtrack) - Wikipedia

A great opening track to settle you into a decent pace. Forget the cheesiness of running to a Rocky song; it's what they were made for. After the opening few bars the beat kicks in at 16 seconds and acts like a drumbeat to set your pace to which maintains throughout the track. Composed entirely without lyrics this track allows you to settle into your pace and concentrate on what's to come. 

Playlist position - opening track



Breakthru- Queen - 4:09

 Greatest Hits II (Queen album) - Wikipedia

Lets face it something by Freddie and the boys had to be in here somewhere and this track provides an upbeat tempo which can really get you going on the first leg of any run. So settle in, forget about the world around you and get shifting. 

Playlist position - 2nd/3rd



Running Down a Dream - Tom Petty - 4:21

Runnin' Down a Dream - Wikipedia

This 170 BPM track is for when you are really motoring, an all out fast-paced high tempo track that makes you feel supersonic. Definitely a mid to late run song for when you've found your rhythm. 

Playlist Position - Mid to late run 



Running On Empty - Jackson Browne - 4:58

Running on Empty (album) - Wikipedia

 At 130 BPM this isn't as higher tempo as previous selections but for a slower pace it's a must-have addition. Famously featured in Forrest Gump there's a reason this made the top ten, it's a great song to run to! 

Playlist Position - Mid to late run



Breathe - Prodigy - 5:34

The Fat of the Land - Wikipedia

Hard-edged, raw, and with a high tempo this shot in the arm from 1997 will increase your pace for sure, even if you don't want it to. 

Playlist position - Practically designed for hills



Roll with the changes - REO Speedwagon - 5:35

Certain Songs #1848: REO Speedwagon - "Roll With The Changes"

A 70's rock anthem and heavy rotation track with a slow BPM of 93 making it perfect for longer sessions and longer distances. Definitely the connoisseur runners choice. 

Playlist Position - Home Straight



Kickstart My Heart - Motley Crue - 4:42

Kickstart My Heart - Wikipedia

A Rapid 178 BPM track which screams high intensity. Anyone indulging in speed training, HIIT, or hill sprints should include this fist pumper of an 80's tune. Sweatbands are optional. 

Playlist Position - Sprint segment/Hills



Block Rocking Beats - The Chemical Brothers - 4:54

Key & BPM for Block Rockin' Beats by The Chemical Brothers | Tunebat

One for the street runners, probably the definitive urban running track. Not the fastest of tempos but perfect for navigating cars, pedestrians, cyclists, zebra crossings and for exchanging the customary 'nod' with other runners who've no idea how good your playlist is. 

Playlist Position - Mid-run



Thunderstruck - ACDC - 4:52

Thunderstruck (song) - Wikipedia

No playlist is complete without some ACDC, we've selected Thunderstruck as it sits well in the mid-range BPM category at 136 BPM and has a kicking guitar opening and awesome lyrics. Add this to your playlist and watch the world around you become electrified. 

Playlist Position - Early on




Eye of the Tiger - Survivor - 3:53

Eye of the Tiger - Wikipedia

We couldn't help it (sorry; not sorry) we've added another Rocky song. But hey it's also listed regularly as one of the best running songs ever made so we've obviously got good taste. This classic will make you forget about the pain, feel good, give you a spring in your step and tap into your nostalgia reserves. Enjoy. 

Playlist Position - Home Straight